Our Story

Family company which operates since 1965 in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar, Anatolian handmade carpet weaving with her professional life began. Weaving in Anatolia which is an indicator of the culture of this day in a little village continues. By maintaining the traditions of our country with innovative thinking without compromising on quality ,our aim is to hand the people their efforts of keeping up with modern times to produce more and give you the best service...

Every product on this Site, make sure you are in elbow grease and sweat of the Turkish people. All of our products are manufactured from natural ingredients.


Weaving is the action of producing fabric or cloth by interlacing at right angles, sets of vertical threads know as the warp and horizontal ones known as the weft.Produced in the Anatolian region of Turkey, various fabrics created include cotton,silk,linen and wool. Used in palaces centuries ago, traditional Turkish textiles are popular today in the home and on the beach.