Terms & Conditions

We believe in the confidentiality of the discreet information which can be defined as personal and confidential. We believe it is important that we provide you with information as to how the personal information is to be used and also as to the methods of use of such information. Thus, we recommend you to read the Principles of Confidentiality carefully.

1. All the documents in the website are under Authenticturkishbazaar’s possession. No materials in this website can be changed, duplicated, reproduced, republished, and uploaded to another pc, emailed, transferred or distributed without obtaining permission from Authenticturkishbazaar. You cannot use the documents which contain legal information for your personal benefits and/or purposes without obtaining any permission from Authenticturkishbazaar however you can obtain printouts of the pages of the website for your own personal use.

2. Although necessary precautions have been taken to secure and protect Authenticturkishbazaar.com website against malicious software such as viruses etc., the use is liable to provide the necessary virus protection systems and to maintain sufficient protection. In this scope, the user accepts his/her liabilities and responsibilities due to all errors and their direct and indirect consequences which may arise within its software and operating system due to his/her entry into  Authenticturkishbazaar.com website.

3. All information contained in Authenticturkishbazaar website is for representation and informing purposes. The user can never claim that the information included in the website are incorrect or absent and he/she cannot claim for any damages/losses he/she may have incurred by. The user accepts when he/she is willing to execute any transactions based on the information provided by the website, he/she is responsible to obtain the final and safe information from Authenticturkishbazaar. The User also accepts that Authenticturkishbazaar will not be kept responsible and liable due to any errors caused by the information not being up date or any translation errors.

4. Authenticturkishbazaar reserves its right to change the contents of the website or to change or terminate any services provided for the users. Authenticturkishbazaar also reserves its right to delete the users’ information and data rendered in Authenticturkishbazaar website. Although Authenticturkishbazaar has taken all precautions to make the website defect and error free, it gives no guarantees as to any errors or defects which may arise.

5. Should the website receive any criminal complaint or request for official interrogation and/or should  Authenticturkishbazaar detect that the user performed any electronic sabotages or attacks which could prevent or change the operation of the systems of Authenticturkishbazaar then, Authenticturkishbazaar reserves its right to investigate the user’s identity/info. and to notify the competent bodies with jurisdiction. If the identity info. Of the visitors of the website “Authenticturkishbazaar” cannot be determined or such information cannot be accessed, then, it is accepted that Authenticturkishbazaar has no liability or role in such legal procedures.

6. The information may travel and circulate without availability of sufficient safety precautions or be used by unauthorized persons due to the nature of the internet, and no technological systems are completely secure and protected against “tampering” and “hackers”. Authenticturkishbazaar takes all the necessary precautions to prevent and to minimize the risks relating to access, malicious use or wrongful exchange of information in terms of software and hardware. The damages which may arise despite all such precautions are not within Authenticturkishbazaar’s liabilities. The user should also take all the necessary precautions of security personally.

7. In some cases, non-personal/confidential information may be collected. Such information may contain the type of internet browser you use, your operating system, the domain name of the website through which you have accessed to our website. Such information shall be kept and retained as Authenticturkishbazaar’s personal statistical information.

8. This policy shall be implemented in the manner not contradicting with the laws of Republic of Turkey without any conflicts with such laws and codes. If any article of this policy is rendered obsolete, null and void or inapplicable legally due to any reason whatsoever, then the article in question shall be cancelled however the validity and applicability of the remaining articles shall not be affected.

9. Your information submitted through Authenticturkishbazaar website shall not be shared with third parties or be used for commercial purposes under no circumstances whatsoever.

10. By entering this website, you shall be deemed to have accepted the Conditions of the Principles of Confidentiality.