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Our family company, operating since 1965 right at the heart of Istanbul in the historic Grand Bazaar, started off by weaving traditional Turkish antique rugs. These are also known locally as kilims and are a world-renowned example of Anatolian handicraft. Part of Turkey’s cultural heritage, rug weaving is still practiced in many Anatolian villages, despite having declined over the years.

We aim to focus our production on local Turkish handicrafts, all the while keeping up with the modern times with an innovative understanding, keeping the traditions alive without sacrificing quality, and therefore serving you in the best way possible.

Our rugs are completely handmade, woven only with hand-spun wool with natural dyes and 100% organic raw materials. One reason why our clients love our hand-woven carpets and rugs is that, unlike serial manufacturing, each carpet we craft is unique. As a result, no two kilims of ours are identical.

Not Just Any Old Rug – Traditional Turkish Antique Rugs

Hand-made antique rugs use only hand-spun, naturally dyed materials, giving the rug a much softer look when compared to the contemporary synthetic dye, as well as a richness of character that can’t be reproduced otherwise. One benefit of these natural dyes is a subtle change of tone throughout the rug. As the rug ages, this change of tone creates abrash that gives the rug its unique character. This rarity occurs as each different yarn lot has a marginally different rate of dye absorption and changes color at a slightly different rate over the years.

At Authentic Turkish Bazaar, we stock different ranges of antique carpets and antique rugs mainly from the Anatolian tribes of Turkey and Central Asia. We can also fulfill requests for custom designs. We are happy to hear from you about your special requirements regarding your orders.

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